Summer is just around the corner and this may also mean a vacation!

Imagine yourself on a hot beach in Thailand, a refreshing drink in your hand, warming the sun between your face and the beautiful white sand of your toes. Driving amongst tropical landscapes, taking pictures of elephants and admiring five-meter-high giraffes eating leaves from the tops of trees. Or maybe you want to feel the pulse of a big city with its crazy architecture and your eyes big to admire the city lights, like Times Square in New York.

Whatever your dream holiday destination, there is still time to save money for your vacation. Here are six easy-to-follow tips for collecting a vacation magazine:

Set a savings target

Set a savings target

If you know your holiday will cost as much as € 3000.00, calculate how much you should save each week or month to reach your target amount. For example, if you put $ 250.00 aside from your six salaries, you’ve already saved half of the $ 3000.00!

Record your expenses

Record your expenses

See how much money you spend on compulsory spending each month. Compulsory expenses include renting your home or business, grocery shopping, bills (such as an electricity bill, credit card bill), and any loan repayments. Don’t forget about insurance premiums, gym memberships, phone bills and channel packages, or Good Lender. Once you’ve set up your running costs, log in to your online bank and see where else you spent your money in the month. At the end of the month, add up your expenses.

Set a budget for yourself


Having considered your mandatory spending requirements above, think about a weekly budget that suits you. How much money do you need per week to entertain? How many times do you go to a restaurant to eat during the week? Do you really need a channel package in addition to your Cable subscription?

Start saving now

Start saving now

Make lunch for work instead of eating out. Now that the weather allows and if your workplace is relatively close, walk or cycle to work. This saves you gas costs or buying travel tickets while improving your fitness!

Download an application for saving to your phone

The stores have a huge number of downloadable applications containing various offers or discounts. You can also use these to compare prices. There are also savings-focused apps that tell you where you spend your money and help you budget.

Set up a savings account

When your salary or similar benefit is credited to your account, immediately transfer 5% or 10% of the total amount to your savings account.

Here at Good Finance, however, we realize that saving is not always easy and may need help. That’s why we’ve developed an easy Good Credit of up to € 2000.00 that can be applied for quickly and reliably. You can easily apply for credit anytime, anywhere – even abroad! You can read more about it here. Whatever your savings situation, you can still make your dreams come true. Your dream vacation is near!

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