A bank deposit is nothing but a contract between the bank and the customer. The client makes the money available to the bank for a certain percentage and time and the bank is obliged to pay interest.


Deposits can be made for various periods ranging from one week to several months

bank deposit

Considering different methods of calculating interest, several types of bank deposits are distinguished. Standard deposits are best known. Interest is charged at the end of the deposit period. The minimum amount that we can invest in such a deposit is PLN 500.

Perfect for those who are starting to invest their savings. This deposit is short-term, even if the customer is dissatisfied, it can be terminated quickly. The interest rate is not too high. Standard deposit is the most popular, but it is understandable since everyone can be its owner. An overnight deposit is good for those who want to have access to money during the day. Interest is charged only at night.


The bank usually agrees with the customer

The bank usually agrees with the customer

What amount can be charged the maximum. A progressive deposit has the option of adding money to already deposited funds. Thanks to this, profits from paying interest increase. E-deposits are a new type of deposit. It is addressed to people who manage their funds online. No bank visits are needed here, we don’t have to waste time.

Security on the websites of banks is also guaranteed. This deposit allows you to invest money no matter where we are. The investment deposit is targeted at clients who are not afraid of the stock exchange. Revenue from this is shared with the bank. Profit from this deposit comes from two sources.

The first is the bank and the second from the stock exchange. Thanks to this deposit, we have a minimum interest rate as well as an increase in interest rate, which depends on the situation on the stock exchange. There are many factors that make us choose deposits. One of them is security. Deposits can also bring us considerable profits, and it is obvious that it is better to earn even small amounts than nothing.

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